Steve Bannon Promises To Go After Bill Barr, Legally

( The House’s January 6 investigating committee has played a lot of clips from former Attorney General Bill Barr during their three public hearings over the last week.

Many of those clips have shown Barr saying that he never believed former President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and that he told his boss at the time as much on multiple occasions.

This week, one of Trump’s former advisers, Steve Bannon, said “we’re coming for you, bro” to Barr during one of his podcast episodes.

In the testimony the House committee played for the public, Barr said he felt the election fraud claims from Trump and others were “bullshit.” He dismissed some other conservative voices who were pushing conspiracy theories, such as the direction of the “2000 Mules” documentary film, Dinesh D’Souza.

In response, Bannon said Barr was “lying” and doing all he could to smear supporters of Trump. On his podcast, Bannon said:

“We’re not going to be blown off by somebody like Bill Barr. Bill Barr, we’re coming for you, bro. You’re sitting here lying about this. If you had any decency whatsoever … you would have reached out to Dinesh D’Souza before you smeared him.”

Bannon went on to allude to legal action they might take, but he didn’t go into further detail about what that could be. He said “days” when MAGA supporters as well as “deplorables” just sitting back and doing nothing are long over.

He then went on to blast Barr for deciding not to further investigate the claims of election fraud that Trump and some of his major supporters, such as Rudy Giuliani, were pushing at the time. The “War Room” host said:

“We’re going to deconstruct this, and we’re going to rub your nose in it and then we’re going to come after you legally. We’re not just going to sit here anymore. The days of the deplorables and the days of MAGA just sitting there and out betters telling us what it is [are over].”

On that particular podcast episode, Bannon had a guest on, Catherine Engelbrecht, who is the founder of True the Vote. She also expressed her disappointment in what Barr said during his testimony. She said:

“I was disappointed to see Bill Barr do it, but not surprised.”

Barr’s testimony has been a focal point of the House committee’s hearings thus far. The Democrat-led committee has been trying to paint Trump and his supporters as out of touch with reality.

One way they’re attempting to do that is to show other prominent Republicans within the Trump administration questioning the theories the former president was peddling. As Trump’s one-time attorney general, Barr is one of the highest-ranking members of the White House at the time who has since turned on Trump and given testimony that makes him look bad.

Not surprisingly, since that video footage has been released, Trump and his supporters such as Bannon have been going off on Barr for his lack of loyalty.