Steve Bannon Predicts How Elections With Go

( According to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, the November elections are the most significant midterms in American history.

In an interview with Alicia Powe on Red Voice Media, he claimed that Democrats attempt to divert attention from their plan by raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, “rounding up” more than 50 Trump supporters, and branding anyone who supports the previous policies as “domestic terrorists.”

He declared that we couldn’t allow them to distract us from our purpose. He said what needs to be done now is extremely easy.

“We must do everything in our power to dismantle the Democratic Party in the polls on November 8th,” he declared.

“And that is our mission. There is no substitute for victory.”

Bannon’s optimism, and predictions of a GOP red wave, have not relied on polls but more on his observations, gut feelings, and knowledge of history and people.

Pollsters are aware of their issue: the unreliability of asking someone how they will vote two months before an election.

Pre-election surveys have frequently underestimated support for Republican candidates compared to actual voter turnout since Donald Trump’s stunning victory in 2016.

Again, recent polls indicate that Democrats are performing better than predicted in a number of crucial midterm elections. But many have begun to worry if the promising results are preparing the ground for another major polling failure that would derail Democratic aspirations of keeping control of Congress and would support the GOP’s claim that the polls are unfairly biased against them.

As for the left’s reliance on polls (skewed left, purposely to influence people who want to vote for winners), Hillary Clinton could attest to the reality of the late poll movement; after James Comey’s dramatic declaration that the FBI had restarted its inquiry into her emails, she fell behind and lost the election.

We don’t have to look very far into the past for other examples. In the public polling conducted in the Virginia governor’s election in 2021, Terry McAuliffe (D) had an advantage over Glenn Youngkin (R) until the final week of October, when Youngkin overtook McAuliffe. It’s hard to pinpoint why Youngkin climbed later than expected. It might have resulted from specific causes (like a McAuliffe campaign mistake) or general ones (like a propensity for these elections to go against the incumbent president’s party late in the process).

But it did take place.

Bannon is an observer of things that can influence a voter. He believes the GOP has an advantage.