Steve Bannon Calls Jan 6 Select Committee’s Bluff

( In late September, the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6 issued its first round of subpoenas to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Pentagon official Kash Patel, longtime Trump aide Dan Scavino, and podcaster Steve Bannon.

This week, Steve Bannon’s lawyers sent a letter to the committee stating that he will not produce the documents requested in the subpoena, citing former President Trump’s claim of executive privilege. However, Bannon’s defense team denied that Bannon was acting in defiance of the committee’s subpoena; instead Bannon was just doing as former President Trump had directed.

Bannon had been instructed to appear at depositions last Thursday. And on Friday, the Select Committee confirmed that while Meadows and Patel were co-operating with the committee, Bannon indicated that he would, in their words, “try to hide behind vague references to privileges” of former President Trump.

It is somewhat vague.

Bannon, unlike Patel, Meadows and Scavino, was not a member of the Trump administration at the time of the 3-hour riot at the Capitol, but a private citizen. As Bannon had no role in the executive branch at the time, it is unclear how Trump’s executive privilege would include him.

According to Bannon’s attorney Robert Costello, Trump’s counsel stated that since they were invoking executive privilege, they directed Bannon’s lawyers to not produce documents or give testimony “that might reveal information President Trump’s counsel seeks to legally protect.”

Costello told committee chair Bernie Thompson (D-MS) that until the Select Committee reaches an agreement with President Trump, or receives a court ruling regarding the “extent, scope and application” of the former President’s executive privilege, Bannon will not produce documents or testify. However, Costello closed by saying Bannon would “revisit his position” if former President Trump’s position changes or after a court rules on the matter.

This week, the Biden White House rejected former President Trump’s request that his documents be withheld from the committee on the basis of Executive Privilege. White House Counsel Dana Remus sent a letter to the National Archive instructing them to provide the documents requested by the Select Committee.

President Trump is likely to seek legal action to prevent these documents from being released.