Stephen Colbert Calls Trump Supporters Worse Than Taliban

( It was reported this week that Fox’s late night show “Gutfeld!” topped the Late Show with host Stephen Colbert for the first time since “Gutfeld!” premiered. This shouldn’t come as a galloping shock. “Gutfeld!” is actually funny. The Late Show’s host Stephen Colbert is far too focused on burping out Democrat Party talking points than he is on offering funny, entertaining programming.

Anti-Trump vitriol killed late night comedy years ago. And even with Trump out of office, hosts like Stephen Colbert just can’t quit him. But with the absence of Trump in the White House, Colbert has shifted his bitter derangement to Trump supporters.

During his opening monologue on Monday, Colbert asked why US soldiers should fight radicals in a Civil War over in Afghanistan when “we’ve got our own on Capitol Hill” because there’s nothing as funny as a “US soldiers should kill American citizens” joke.

Not only is it funny; it’s also not that original.

Hollywood Resistance members flocked to Twitter over the past week to claim that the Americans who mobbed the Capitol on January 6 were just like the Taliban. The hashtag #AmericanTaliban trended on Twitter because of course it did.

The comparison is specious at best. Nobody who entered the Capitol on January 6 was A) armed or B) killed anyone, let alone beheaded people in the street. The only person killed during that 3-hour melee was a Trump supporter shot and killed by a yet-unnamed Capitol Police officer.

Naturally Trump-deranged Colbert also blamed former President Trump for Biden’s decision to evacuate the military before getting civilians out of Afghanistan. Because of course he did.

That too is as nonsensical as his claim that the January 6 rioters are just like the barbarians in the Taliban.

In an op-ed at the New York Post on Thursday, Kash Patel, the former Pentagon chief of staff under President Trump, wrote that the Biden administration scrapped the conditions-based exit plan the Trump administration put in place. That plan, Patel explained, was successfully executed until January 20, 2021. During that time before Biden took office, there were no US casualties in Afghanistan, both the Afghan government and the Taliban had “conducted multiple rounds of negotiations,” and “al Qaeda was sidelined.”

Patel writes in his op-ed that the Trump team handed their plan to the incoming administration during the transition, but the Biden team “simply wasn’t interested.”

But Stephen Colbert is far too focused on scoring cheap political points with his likeminded Resistance than he is in the truth.