Stephanie Ruhle Says People Can Afford Higher Prices

( The media is pulling out all the stops to shield Joe Biden from any blame for the rising inflation, supply chain crisis, and skyrocketing consumer prices.

Newspapers are publishing articles arguing that high inflation is a good thing, dismissing the supply chain as a made-up “crisis,” and even blaming consumers for buying too much.

The ongoing theme of every report is “don’t believe your lying eyes.”

On NBC’s “Sunday Today,” MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle claimed the “dirty little secret” is that Americans who are complaining about the rising cost of food can afford to pay the increased costs because households saved money during the COVID lockdowns.

Ruhle argued that household savings increased during the lockdowns because nobody was going out and spending money. Not only that, home values have increased.

First of all, most people blew through what savings they had because they weren’t earning a living. Secondly, unless Ruhle is suggesting people sell their homes so they can afford groceries, what does the increased value of a home have to do with anything?

If Ruhle believes that Americans had more money during the pandemic, why on earth did Congress pass so many COVID “Relief” spending bills? Why extend unemployment benefits? Was she in a coma during the lockdowns?

Needless to say, Stephanie’s tone-deaf comments sparked a great deal of outrage from people who live in the real world. Her “let them eat cake” response prompted some to refer to her as Stephanie Antoinette.

But this is happening throughout the American corporate media. None of them lost their jobs during the pandemic. None of them were forced to blow through their savings to make ends meet. None of them had to permanently shutter a small business and file for bankruptcy.

And none of them care about the Americans suffering under all this economic devastation.

On his show “I’m Right” on the First TV, host Jesse Kelly hammered the media, including Stephanie Ruhle, for their tone-deaf response to real economic hardship. He also explained exactly why you never, ever shut down an economy for any reason including over a virus.