Statute Of Limitations Has Run Out On Joe Biden’s Possible Abuse Of Ashley Biden

( The Delaware Statute of Limitations has run out, updated in 2007, has run out, indicating that Ashley Biden could no longer seek legal recourse for the “probably not appropriate” showers she took with her father when she was a child, according to National File. The outlet obtained a copy of the president’s 39-year-old daughter, who left her diary in a hotel room.

The diary contains personal information of Ashley’s struggle with sex, something she considered to be a problem. When writing about her needing “sex to feel good,” she attributes this to being molested and “being somewhat sexualized” at a young age, along with someone named Caroline. Caroline may refer to Ashley’s cousin, Caroline Biden.

“Was I molested. I think so—I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma,” adding that she remembers “showers with my dad” that were “probably not appropriate.”

The diary was obtained by two individuals, Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander were invited to stay at a Florida house that Ashley Biden reportedly stayed at. They then found some of her personal items and tried to sell them to Trump’s campaign. After a few days, however, they said that they were not interested and suggested that the couple turn the contents into the FBI.

The two then decided to contact Project Veritas who gave them both $20,000 for all of the documents, including the diary, but eventually decided against publishing the diary. Upon contacting Ashley Biden for interviews regarding the contents, she alerted the FBI and the home of James O’Keefe was raided.

The Delaware statute states that the two-year statue of limitations does not apply to minor victims of sexual assault, but would have to have been assaulted after 2007.

“In 2007 Delaware enacted a specific exception for minors, children under the age of 18, who were sexually abused by an adult. If a minor was sexually abused after 2007, they have an unlimited amount of time to file a civil lawsuit. This includes lawsuits brought by their parents or legal guardians.”

Ashley Biden was born in 1981 and is therefore not eligible to file any charges or get her case heard in a court of law.