State TV Tells Putin To Unleash Torpedo On The United States 

( Russian official television discussed the possible deployment of Russian missiles against nations backing Ukraine. 

Retired general Yevgeny Buzhinsky, speaking on the Russia 1 channel, advocated the employment of weapons like the Poseidon and Burevestnik missiles against the West, despite the latter not being ready for deployment for another year or two. But Poseidon has been tried and tested, he continued, prompting Vladimir Solovyov of the newscast to express interest in seeing the weapon in action. 

In January, Russian media announced that the Belgorod nuclear submarine was developing its first batch of Poseidon super torpedoes capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Poseidon was first proposed in 2018 by Putin, and both US and Russian authorities have since said it has the potential to set off radioactive ocean surges that would destroy coastal communities. 

Buzhinsky cautioned viewers that a tsunami of 300–500 meters in height might be the final result of western nations’ continued participation in Ukraine. After then, Great Britain would be history, Solovyov cut in to declare. 

BBC Monitoring’s Francis Scarr tweeted about the ominous but humorous conversation, calling the show Evening with Vladimir Solovyov another utterly typical evening on Russian state TV in which the hosts and guests fantasize about the nuclear destruction of Britain. 

According to a former head of intelligence for NATO, Russia’s President Putin is moving forward with his attack on Ukraine despite the opposition of some top officials and oligarchs.  

According to Mikk Marran, who served as director of Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Agency from 2016 until 2022, Putin’s hold on power is still strong, even though some of those beneath him oppose the war on Ukraine.  

Yet, things are not all good for Putin, who has equally exploited his attack on Ukraine to impose control over internal dissidents and domestic friends. 

Some signals are pointing in that direction, said Marran. There have been people in the government who have shown strong opposition to the war. Some officials working inside the Kremlin were wholly opposed to the war.