Star Paul Mescal Caught Sniffing ‘Suspicious’ Substance at Glastonbury

On Sunday, at Glastonbury, Paul Mescal was spotted carrying a bag containing an unknown drug, leading to speculation about what he was up to.

While dancing in the audience during a late-night show by US band The National, the 28-year-old Irish actor was observed using a key to bring an unknown substance to his nostril.

After he had done it once, he put the key back in his backpack and cautiously lifted it to his nose to sniff it again.

It seemed to Paul that it made no difference whether anybody could see him or not. As he danced and laughed with his buddies, he was clearly having a good time.

He was pictured before Sunday’s much-anticipated performance by Shania Twain when he joined other famous people at Worthy Farm for the annual music festival.

Paul had gotten the crowd pumped up earlier in the day by reciting the lyrics to “Let’s Go Girls!” by Shania Twain, who was performing at the event.

Shania commented, “Love it!!” with a bunch of laughing and sobbing emojis to show how much she enjoyed it.

The video had an instant impact on fans, who gushed over it and wrote that Mesacl is “absolutely adorable.”

In his first appearance in the Coliseum for the much-anticipated Gladiator sequel, Paul proudly showed off his toned muscles.

Paul looked eerily like his predecessor Russell—who isn’t returning for the sequel—in his full armor gear, which included a breastplate and a leather kilt.

In a subsequent dramatic sequence, the Normal People star went nearly naked, preparing for combat with 49-year-old Pedro Pascal.

In another tense scene, the two battled fiercely. Paul ascended into the air, reaching great heights, while Pedro’s figure showed apparent signs of fear as his sword slid from his hand.

Pedro plays Roman commander Acacius, who trained to be a gladiator with Russell’s character, Maximum, in the original movie.

The actor stresses that Acacius has a strong sense of honor since he has studied under the greatest, and this code of conduct permeates his entire being. He is, nevertheless, an independent person in the end. And it won’t change who he really is.

Denzel Washington, 69, plays Macrinus, a weapons trader who enjoys keeping gladiators. In his new role, he radiates luxury and excess, gilded in gold.

Back at Glastonbury, Mescal’s go-to festival attire—short shorts, a gray T-shirt, and a cap—illustrated his desire to blend into the crowd seamlessly, perhaps in order to indulge in some substances without scrutiny.