‘Squad’ firebrand faces unlikely opposition to her controversial bill as Democratic infighting intensifies

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Extremist left-wing Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Michigan, is pushing a new “Islamophobia” bill that she believes will help prevent unfair discrimination against Muslims in America – but the dangerous new piece of legislation is being scrutinized not only by Republicans but by members of her own party who recognize how disingenuous the whole charade is.

The legislation, titled the “Combating International Islamophobia Act,” would direct the State Department to establish a new special envoy and office to tackle what she claims is an irrational fear of Islam.

Has she ever stopped to think that maybe people don’t like Islam because of the way it treats women and non-believers?

The legislation would also change existing law on how the department reports on international religious liberty and “human rights.” In other words, she wants to transform existing law to make life hard for anybody who criticizes Islam.

That’s what this is.

However, a House aide just revealed that the State Department has sent a number of concerns about the bill to Omar’s office.

Among those concerns was a recognition that the longstanding preference within the federal government is not to amend the human rights annual report authority to add new specific topics because the current reporting captures those things already. Adding the specification of narrow reporting topics, they said, would make it appear as though they have a less comprehensive scope.

“It would seem in keeping with the timeliness of the topic, to instead provide for an annual report on the specific topic for a stated period of time, such as [three] years. We note that in several places the bill refers to the ‘right to religious freedom’ which is formulated under international law as ‘the right to freedom of religion or belief,’” the State Department wrote.

Nonetheless, the dangerous bill passed along party lines in the House with staunch opposition from Republicans.

That means it’s now down to the Senate to reject it – and presumably, Republicans won’t let it pass.

We can only hope…