Speeding Car Goes Flying On Security Tape

Due to the ubiquitous nature of security cameras in modern society, we are frequently afforded views of spectacular acts of stupidity. Here, it looks like the driver of a Dodge Challenger made a sequence of poor choices that resulted in the car taking to the air and eventually landing in the water.

Not slowing down much, he plows over some grass, crashes into a tree, and then launches into a canal. The driver tries to escape the sinking, once-mighty muscle car, but that doesn’t go well, either, and an onlooker jumps into the dirty water to rescue him.

Muscle cars are not known for handling prowess, even if the driver is good. This driver doesn’t seem to be that good.

The entire incident was captured on security camera footage from a nearby resident. At the outset, we witness the Dodge ahead of another car. The Challenger loses control as they approach a right-hand turn and swerves off the road.

A child was standing in the backyard of a house on Northwest 17 Terrace in Cape Coral when a car came perilously close to him.

The good news is that no one sustained life-threatening injuries in the collision.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was racing a Mercedes at high speeds when he hit a palm tree and was thrown into the Cape Coral canal.

The automobile careens across the yard, bounces multiple times, rolls over a tree, and plunges nose-first into the water in the surveillance clip.

The driver is seen reaching for the window to get out. A man on the bank eventually jumps in to help pull the man out of the automobile. A few seconds later, the front of the vehicle sank beneath the surface.

The driver was reportedly going 80 mph down Northwest 17 Terrace in Cape Coral, according to the police.