South Korean Troops Start Drilling After They Stopped Under Safety Of Trump

( In order to give former President Donald Trump more time to negotiate a nuclear agreement with North Korea, South Korea, and the United States have scaled back their joint military exercises for the past four years. Those exercises are now being brought back into full force.

On Friday, the Defense Ministry in Seoul released a report stating that the South Korean military will start conducting joint field training maneuvers with troops from the United States. The decision was made after the election of conservative President Yoon Suk Yeol in May. During his campaign, Yoon Suk Yeol committed to strengthening his country’s military relations with the United States and adopting a hard-line position on Pyongyang. This decision follows those campaign pledges.

Along with training with aircraft carrier groups and amphibious vehicles, military personnel from the United States and South Korea will once again participate in live-action war games. During the months of August and September, there will be close to a dozen different field exercises.

After launching a few dozen ballistic missiles during the course of this year, North Korea’s President Yoon issued a stern warning on Friday that his country may soon escalate tensions by conducting its seventh nuclear test.

The tests remind South Korea that the weapons in North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s nuclear arsenal pose a significant security threat that merits attention. At the same time, the rest of the world continues to focus on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is especially important given that the tests took place while the rest of the world was focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After stating that he had addressed the topic with the United States, Yoon indicated that he believes North Korea is poised to conduct a nuclear test whenever they choose.
Yoon said this after saying that he had discussed the matter with the United States.

North Korea has warned the United States and South Korea that they will face “unprecedented” security challenges if they do not stop their aggressive military pressure campaign against them, which includes joint military drills.