Soros Prosecutor Admits Wrongdoing Against Senate Candidate

( During an ethics hearing this week, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner admitted wrongdoing in her handling of the 2018 prosecution of former Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens.

Gardner, one of the many George Soros-funded prosecutors ruining the criminal justice system in America’s cities, acknowledged on Monday that she withheld evidence from Greitens’ attorneys despite claiming at the time that she provided it.

Speaking to the 3-member ethics panel, Gardner acknowledged that she failed to turn over handwritten notes from an interview her investigator, former FBI agent William Tisaby, conducted with Greitens’ former mistress. She also admitted that she failed to give the defense the video of the interview, claiming that she thought the video camera was broken.

The ethics hearing, which was expected to last at least a week, wrapped up in just over an hour after an agreement was reached between Gardner and the Missouri Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Alan Pratzel.

In the agreement, Gardner admitted her conduct was “negligent or perhaps reckless,” but claimed it was “not intentional.” Calling the mismanaged case a “lesson,” Gardner said the process she had in place “came up short.”

Eric Greitens, who is running for the US Senate this year, celebrated the agreement, saying it “reaffirms what we have known all along – Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Gardner conducted a political witch hunt.”

Last month, just days before he was scheduled to go on trial on seven felony charges, including six charges of perjury and one charge of evidence tampering, Gardner’s investigator, William Tisaby pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor count of evidence tampering related to this case.

While Gardner was facing possible revocation of her law license, with Monday’s agreement she will likely only face a reprimand.

The ethics panel will provide a written decision on whether to accept the agreement or recommend to the Missouri Supreme Court that Gardner be disciplined.

Once the panel has reached its decision, both parties have 30 days to accept or reject it. Their written responses along with the panel’s written decision will then go to the Missouri Supreme Court for a final decision.