Sonic Employee Arrested After What Was Found in Food

Celine Gonzales alerted the authorities after she found a bag of cocaine in the Sonic hot dog she had purchased at the fast food restaurant in Española, New Mexico. 

The police confirmed that the substance inside the bag was indeed cocaine, and it was discovered when Gonzales began consuming her meal.

During the investigation into the incident, the police apprehended David Salazar, a 54-year-old employee, on a felony charge of cocaine possession. 

According to the police, surveillance footage revealed Salazar frantically searching for something he had misplaced immediately after preparing Gonzales’ order.

Salazar told the police that he had purchased the cocaine in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Upon hearing about the incident, one customer expressed astonishment at the local outlet KOB 4, saying, “That’s quite unbelievable. I just bought an ice cream. I hope everything is alright.”

Another customer voiced their concern, stating, “I find it rather alarming. We visit this place to obtain food for our families, and if a child had come across that, it could have had serious or even fatal consequences.”

Sonic is not the sole fast-food establishment that has recently found itself in negative news headlines. 

Arby’s has joined the list after a deceased body was discovered in a walk-in freezer at one of its restaurants in Louisiana.

The deceased individual has been identified as Nguyet Le, a 63-year-old manager at an Arby’s restaurant in New Iberia, Louisiana. According to the police, the prevailing belief is that the death was accidental.

New Iberia Police Captain Leland Laseter stated, “Encountering a situation like this is unusual, so we are taking extra precautions throughout the investigation.” 

He added, “Our investigation at the crime scene has essentially concluded. Our thorough examination of the crime scene shows that it does not appear to be a homicide but an accident.”

Captain Laseter acknowledged that the circumstances surrounding the death raised suspicions, but thus far, no evidence of foul play has been uncovered by the authorities. 

He said the investigation was progressing, and the police were waiting for the medical examiner’s report to determine the exact cause of death.