SNL “Joke” Falls Flat, Backfires On The Liberal Elites

( It appears the purpose of Saturday Night Live is to make fun of all the people the Democrats hate in the most sneering and condescending way possible.

After Republican Glenn Youngkin won Virginia, Saturday Night Live did a faux interview between a cast member pretending to be Youngkin and a cast member pretending to be Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro.

In the sketch, the Youngkin character said that his win proved that voters are concerned about education. The faux Judge Jeanine asked, “who are most of your voters?” To which the faux Youngkin replied, “People who didn’t go to college.”

Get it?

Because people who voted Republican are dumb!

Watch HERE.

In 2016, Ann Coulter described the current political divide as “the Smirking Class versus the Working Class.” Five years later, Democrats and their water carriers in the media have doubled down on this divide.

They learned nothing from Trump’s victory in 2016. Not one thing.

Over the weekend, in a now-deleted tweet, Democrat strategist Rachel Bitcofer posted a picture of a house with pro-Trump flags out front and an older model car in the driveway. Bitcofer sneeringly tweeted “Republican voter who can’t even afford a car from this century.”

The same people who clutch their pearls and bemoan the fact that they are losing the support of working-class voters can’t stop going out of their way to insult and sneer at working-class voters.

Insulting voters is never a ticket to electoral victory.

But they just can’t stop insulting voters.

Parents who don’t want their children radicalized by racialist garbage are called racists, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists.

People who complain about the skyrocketing prices of gas and groceries are mocked and derided while being told to learn to live with less.

Or, they’re told to stop complaining because they can afford to pay more:

Saturday Night Live’s job is to reassure the out-of-touch liberals that they are the good people and everyone else is stupid and not worth their time. And so long as there is an audience in need of validation, SNL isn’t going to change course and go back to being funny anytime soon.