Sniper Misfire Reportedly Accidentally Hit Little Girl

( The Israel Defense Forces stated that there was a high probability that a soldier accidentally shot and killed a teenage Palestinian girl during a firefight with Palestinian gunmen in the northern West Bank city of Jenin late Sunday night.

According to the official Palestinian news agency WAFA, 16-year-old Jana Majdi Assam Zakarna was discovered dead on the roof of her home with a headshot wound after Israeli troops withdrew from Jenin.

According to an initial investigation by the IDF, a Border Police sniper fired at Palestinian gunmen firing at soldiers from rooftops during the raid. The military stated that it appeared the girl who was killed was on the roof of one of the houses near the gunmen.  The IDF dismissed claims that the teenager was intentionally shot as unfounded and without merit. The military was also investigating whether Zakarna assisted the gunmen by observing or filming Israeli forces during the raid.

Departing Defense Minister Benny Gantz expressed sorrow over Zakarna’s passing. He stated that the raid aimed to apprehend Palestinians suspected of involvement in recent shooting attacks and terror organizations.

Gantz stated that the matter is under investigation, and I can assure you that, unlike those who stand by the roads with weapons, stones, and Molotov cocktails, waiting for an opportunity to murder Israeli girls and boys, women, the elderly, and children. IDF soldiers do not intentionally shoot at innocent bystanders.

Reports show that on Sunday night, Israeli troops and Border Police officers, some of whom were undercover, raided a business in Jenin. Three other Palestinians were reportedly injured during the clashes, including live fire and explosives.

No Israeli soldiers were injured, according to police.

A local branch of the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirmed opening fire and hurling explosives at Israeli troops.

According to an Israeli statement, three suspects were turned over to the Shin Bet security service, and an M16 rifle used by Palestinians was seized.

In response to a string of Palestinian attacks, the IDF has been conducting a major anti-terror offensive in the northern West Bank for the past year.

If you don’t want children killed, don’t use them as props and assets.