Smuggler’s Failed Escape Leaves 8 Dead

Eight people were killed on a South Texas highway last Wednesday after the driver of a vehicle believed to be carrying smuggled illegals led sheriff’s deputies on a car chase and smashed head-on into another vehicle, the Associated Press reported.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the crash occurred at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday near Batesville when the driver of a Honda Civic fled Zavala County Sheriff’s deputies. When attempting to pass a semi, the Civic collided with an oncoming Chevy Equinox which then burst into flames.

The Civic was driven by a 21-year-old from Houston. He and the five illegals he was smuggling were all killed in the crash. Some of the illegals were from Honduras, according to Department of Public Safety spokesman Christopher Olivarez.

The two Georgia residents in the Chevy Equinox were also killed in the crash.

This latest crash involving illegal aliens included the highest death toll since March 2021 when 13 people were killed in a collision in Holtville, California.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, from January 2010 to June 2023, 106 people have been killed in police pursuits related to smuggling. The average from 2010 to 2019 was only 3.5 deaths per year. However, the deaths spiked in 2020, prompting Customs and Border Protection officials to introduce a new policy on vehicle pursuits aimed at increasing safety.

The new policy, announced in January, provides a framework for determining the risks versus benefits of vehicle pursuits like weighing the danger to the public against the need to apprehend.

In June of last year, four smuggled illegals were killed following a police chase in Encinal, Texas, just 80 miles from where Wednesday’s crash occurred.