Shoplifters Strike As Police Ordered To Stand Down

( An insane rule in Los Angeles that means shoplifters won’t be prosecuted if they steal goods worth less than $950 is causing havoc in the city, with footage showing shoplifters casually stealing products and walking out of the store without being challenged.

Under Prop 47 from a 2014 referendum that reduced criminal sentences on crimes like shoplifting, people can effectively get away with taking whatever they want from stores. A clip published by “STREET PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES” shows a gang of people engaging in what appears to be organized shoplifting in a TJ Maxx store in Northridge, San Fernando Valley.

In the clip below, you can see men walking out of the store holding onto large quantities of clothes. One man even has a gigantic backpack filled with goods.

The men are followed by a man recording them on his cell phone as they casually walk through the parking lot and get into a car.

It was the least low-key shoplifting effort you’ve probably ever seen, with both men not even bothering to cover their faces.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in Republican-run towns and cities…

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating the incident after the footage was published online, but neither man has been arrested or charged with theft.

Criminal defense attorney Alexandria Kazarian told Fox News that the reason the men were not confronted by employees in the store is that the employees have been told that it is not worth physically stopping people in situations like this because they have business insurance that covers the theft.

Kazarian added that people who are stealing giant backpacks worth of inventory are “not getting the same benefit of the people that are stealing food and clothing for their children,” making it pretty obvious that these aren’t the kind of people who should be given lenience under the law.

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jeretta Sandoz said that if the men are court they will effectively be given the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

What kind of broken system is this? And why are Democrats letting this happen?