Shooter Opens Fire Near West Bank, Killing Israeli

A Palestinian near the West Bank opened fire and killed an Israeli, according to The Washington Free Beacon. The incident occurred near the Kdumim settlement when the Israeli military stopped to inspect his vehicle, which they found suspicious. In response, the assailant opened fire and fled the scene before he was found and neutralized. 

The incident follows a two-day operation planned by the Israeli military to target infrastructure and weapons depots in the Jenin refugee camp. The operation reportedly left much of the streets and cars in the area destroyed, which Arabs responded to with anger. The operation resulted in the deaths of at least 12 Palestinians and one Israeli as drone strikes began, followed by a sweep of more than 1,000 Israeli troops. 

Hamas, a terrorist group that exerts control and influence in the Gaza Strip and some influence in the West Bank, commended the shooting. They asserted that it was in response to Israel’s operation, which was the largest attack in 20 years, according to NBC News

The incident reportedly follows rising violence and an attack on Tel Aviv that left seven people injured. It also follows the killing of four Israelis near a Jewish settlement by Palestinian gunmen, according to Reuters. In response, settlers reportedly went through Palestinians torching buildings and cars. 

The situation between the two ethnic groups appears to mirror the uprisings of the early 2000s. There have been no peace talks that included ideas of a Palestinian state. Palestinian leadership is also reportedly weak and small compared to Israel’s right-wing nationalist government. 

The raid has left many injured. While Israel says that it is allowing people to leave the area, the Palestinian Red Crescent rescue service said that the military operation had prevented them from passing. The head of the Red Crescent said that the number of injuries is increasing.