Shocking Poll Shows Nikki Haley May Be Better Pick

Republican primary supporters may see Donald Trump as their best bet in November, but if the two were to face off in a head-to-head matchup, Nikki Haley would now have a more considerable advantage than Joe Biden.

If Trump, Haley, or DeSantis were to oppose Joe Biden for president in the next GOP presidential primary, they would all have a modest nationwide advantage over Biden now. (Since they are far behind Trump in the primary contest, Haley and DeSantis have more obstacles to overcome to receive that opportunity.)

Haley is well ahead of Biden because she out-polls Trump in the race against Biden among college-educated voters, moderates, and independents.

Additionally, she eliminates Biden’s advantage among women and peels off more backers of Biden’s 2020 campaign than Trump or DeSantis.

Regarding critical attributes, Haley and Biden are neck and neck. For example, when asked about the importance of an empathetic president who is willing to compromise, the two candidates poll roughly even.

On the other hand, among those who are looking for these traits, Biden is ahead of Trump and DeSantis.

Regarding voters who value toughness, Haley performs as good as, if not better than, Trump and DeSantis.

Biden performs better among those who say they will probably vote compared to those who say they will certainly vote, but this sets the stage for what may turn out to be an election about turnout.

In the current national contest for the Republican nominee, Trump now enjoys a considerable lead over his opponents. Also, he has maintained a lead in the general election compared to Joe Biden.

A potential rematch raises severe racial concerns. Rather than believing that diversity initiatives in the United States are insufficient, more people feel that they are excessive. This has severe implications for the presidential election.

More than one-third of voters believe that Biden’s ideas would be more favorable to minorities than to White Americans, and of those, 90% support Trump.

Nearly half of Americans think Trump will prioritize White Americans above minorities; Biden has their majority support.

Even if many Democrats aren’t delighted with President Biden’s performance, few would go so far as to claim he hasn’t lived up to their expectations.

Much of the public isn’t very worried by Biden’s recent efforts to persuade that a second Trump term would be dangerous for democracy. Half of all registered voters, including one-third of Democrats, rank a robust economy higher than a well-functioning democracy when asked to rank the two.