Shocking Footage Shows Hamas Bringing Hostages To Al-Shifa

In a recent revelation that has shocked the world, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed a video on Sunday that caught Hamas militants shifting Israeli hostages into Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital. This distressing incident took place during the horrific massacre in Israel on October 7, 2023.

As per the IDF’s report, the video footage was captured within the premises of the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza on the day of the terrifying incident. The recording spans from 10:42 a.m. to 11:01 a.m., providing a clear account of the horrifying events that unfolded.

The video exhibits a disturbing scene where two hostages – a civilian from Nepal and another from Thailand – are seen surrounded by armed Hamas militants. These innocent civilians were snatched from Israel and forcefully transported to Gaza.

The footage further reveals the inhumane treatment meted out to the hostages by the Hamas militants, who stripped many of their captives down to their underwear before dragging them to Gaza.
This footage offers irrefutable evidence of Hamas militants using hospitals and other public structures as operational bases. The IDF’s statement clearly indicates that the Al-Shifa Hospital complex was utilized by the Hamas terrorist organization as a stronghold during the October 7 massacre.

The IDF’s findings underscore the fact that the Hamas terrorist organization employed the Al-Shifa Hospital complex as their base of operations during the catastrophic events of October 7.
It is also estimated that around 240 Israeli hostages, taken captive on October 7, are still being held in Gaza. This blatant violation of human rights and international law seems to have been largely overlooked by the global community. The IDF’s revelations underscore the urgency for international intervention to address this ongoing crisis.

On November 17, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the discovery of two Israeli captives’ remains in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital. Yehudit Weiss, a 65-year-old educator, was one of the victims whose body was discovered on November 16. Weiss had been abducted from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7 in an incident that sent shockwaves through the community.

Corporal Noa Marciano’s remains were also discovered in the same vicinity. Marciano, a devoted IDF soldier, had sustained injuries during an IDF operation on November 9 while being held captive by Hamas, as per IDF’s reports.

However, in a harrowing twist, the IDF, drawing from initial post-mortem reports and intelligence from the Israel Security Agency, revealed that Marciano’s injuries were not fatal. The young soldier’s death was the result of a brutal act carried out by a Hamas terrorist within the walls of the Shifa Hospital, the IDF stated. This revelation paints a grim picture of the violence facing those held in captivity and further underscores the urgent need for resolution in this conflict.