Sheetz Drops Gas Price To $1.99 For Thanksgiving

This festive season, Sheetz is playing Santa Claus with a significant reduction in the cost of a specific fuel type.

Starting November 20th, the renowned convenience store chain will offer Unleaded 88 gasoline, often called E15, at a discounted price of $1.99 per gallon. This eye-catching deal, aptly titled “Happy ‘Tanks-giving,'” will extend until midnight on November 27th. This generous offer will be available across several states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Sheetz further clarified that Unleaded 88, or E15, is compatible with vehicles manufactured in 2001 or later, along with SUVs, light-duty trucks, and flex-fuel vehicles.

So, what’s the difference between Unleaded 88 and its counterpart, Unleaded 87? It all comes down to the ethanol content. Unleaded 88 contains an additional 5% ethanol, making it a cleaner-burning fuel potentially more beneficial for your car engine. However, Sheetz recommends consulting your vehicle’s manual before choosing your fuel type.

Sheetz is a popular destination for meals and convenience shopping, with over 600 outlets spanning six states – West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. However, it’s worth noting that this “Tanks-giving” promotion will not be available in Maryland, according to a recent press release from Sheetz.

The reduction in gas prices is not a first-time occurrence for Sheetz. Back in August, when the national gas prices were soaring, Sheetz dropped the price of Unleaded 88 to $2.99 per gallon during the Labor Day holiday.

This move comes as welcome news, given that the average cost of gas in the U.S. this week is around $3.31 per gallon, according to AAA. Perhaps this season will be a little merrier for many of us with Sheetz’s holiday gift of reduced fuel prices.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates a whopping 55.4 million travelers will venture a minimum of 50 miles away from their abodes this Thanksgiving, reflecting a 2.3% rise from the previous year. This surge in Thanksgiving travel ranks third in the list of highest-recorded figures, with only 2005 and 2019 outpacing it.

Most of these holiday wanderers, about 89%, will be embarking on their trips within the comfort of their vehicles. The eve of Thanksgiving is infamously recognized as one of the busiest days on highways and byways across the nation.