Serial Killer On The Loose

( Believe it or not, there’s a serial killer on the loose in Arkansas. Nancy Grace revealed the shocking news on Tuesday that there was an ongoing search for a suspected serial killer who is believed to have carried out at least four stabbings in Arkansas in the dead of night.

The attacks have been taking place in Arkansas since August 2020, with the most recent stabbing occurring in April this year. Arkansas Police Chief Keith Humphrey told the press this week that they believe the four victims were all chosen at random, that they are believed to have been killed by the same person, and that if there was a motive for committing the crimes then it is currently unknown.

The killer is believed to have taken a hiatus of seven months, with the most recent victim being 43-year-old Debra Walker. Incredibly, Walker survived the recent attack.

Nobody knows where the killer has been during those six months, but Nancy Grace pondered on “Crime Stories” whether the killer may have been in prison during that time.

However, forensic psychologist Dr. Shari Schwartz also said that it’s fairly common for serial killers to go through cooling-off periods whereby they wait for a substantial amount of time for the dust to settle before going on to commit another murder. However, Schwartz also recognized that it is possible the serial killer may have been in prison during the period that not attacks occurred.

Little Rock Police Department is being assisted by the FBI, and is working with the Behavior Analysis Unit to determine as much information as possible about these cases.

And while the police do their job, a local “superhero” in Little Rock has vowed to find and take down the serial killer.

The masked vigilante who refers to himself as “ShadowVision” says that he has been protecting the people of Little Rock for almost ten years. He wears should pads, handcuffs, and even a steel helmet, and he claims to have already “exterminated” two other murders – which presumably means killed – and stopped two robberies.

On his social media page, “ShadowVision” said that he is “hunting” the serial killer.

“I know that the serial stabber is keeping a eye on my page here, so this is a threat to you when I find you I will show you what I do to serial killers,” the masked vigilante said.

A $20,000 reward has been offered for information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for murdering Larry Christian, Jeff Welch, and an unidentified man.