Senator Reveals SCOTUS Pick Said Not All Inappropriate Child Photo Hoarders Are Bad

( In a lengthy Twitter thread last week, Republican Senator Josh Hawley revealed what he discovered about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson after reading through her opinions, articles, and speeches. Hawley wrote that Jackson had a disturbing pattern of giving sex offenders, especially those whose victims are children, unbelievably light sentences.

It makes for grim reading.

Naturally, the White House and its handmaids in the media immediately blasted Hawley for pointing out Judge Jackson’s record, accusing him of racism for “smearing” the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court.

On Thursday, Hawley appeared on the Fox News Channel’s Hannity to discuss what he uncovered and vowed to ask the nominee about it in her confirmation hearings.

Hawley told host Sean Hannity that Ketanji Brown Jackson has to explain her pattern of leniency toward pedophiles, adding that we have the right to know whether we’re getting a justice who will protect children or a justice who would protect their predators.

Calling her pattern of leniency “very troubling,” Hawley told Hannity that he intended to get answers from her during her confirmation hearings.

Watch HERE.

Well, despite the outrage from the same people who smeared Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a serial rapist, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee followed through this week and directly addressed Ketanji Brown Jackson’s lenient treatment of sex offenders.

The response from the media and the Democrats to questions about her judicial record was entirely predictable. But Jackson’s startling answers must have panicked Senate Democrats because, by Wednesday’s hearing, Judiciary Chairman Democrat Dick Durbin was doing his level best to prevent Republicans from pursuing the matter.

At one point during Wednesday’s hearing, Durbin refused to allow Jackson to answer Senator Ted Cruz’s question about her lenient sentencing of child sex predators.

Democrats know that this is an issue the American public will be horrified by, so they’re doing everything they can to shield Biden’s “historic” nominee.

At the end of the day, it may not matter. Unless one of the 50 Democrat senators is swayed by what Hawley uncovered and votes against Ketanji Brown Jackson, she will be confirmed.