Senator Rand Paul QUITS YouTube, Moves Permanently To Rumble

( On Monday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul penned an op-ed at the Washington Examiner announcing that he would no longer post videos to YouTube due to the platform’s censorship of content.

Calling his decision to leave YouTube part of his “exodus from Big Tech” New Year’s resolution, Senator Paul blasted the platform for allowing “anonymous ‘fact-checkers’” to censor his videos that are “fully sourced” and “fact-based.” He argued that rather than “challenge or debate me with opposing views,” YouTube chooses to silence him instead.

In August and September, Senator Paul’s YouTube channel received two strikes for allegedly violating YouTube’s COVID-19 misinformation policy. Each strike resulted in a seven-day suspension of his channel.

In announcing the start of his “exodus from Big Tech,” Senator Paul said he chose to begin by leaving YouTube because it is “the worst” censor of them all.

From now on, Senator Paul’s video content will only be available at Rumble.

Citing the two suspensions he received from YouTube, Senator Paul argued that he always cites specific sources and studies in his discussions. But rather than permit “free and open debate,” YouTube chooses to silence him for citing actual scientific studies that don’t fall in line with YouTube’s preferred COVID “science.”

In his op-ed, Senator Paul argues that with the COVID pandemic, science and rational debate has been abandoned “for an almost religious adherence to the edicts of government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci.” He slammed the idea that offering data that challenges the status quo makes someone a “denier” or “conspiracist” who must be censored.

While Paul concedes that Big Tech has the legal right to censor content, it doesn’t make such censorship “any less despicable or illiberal.”

Calling social media “the new town square,” Paul decried the silencing of opposing viewpoints “by the Big Tech gatekeepers.”

Senator Paul urged “other liberty lovers” to follow his lead, arguing that since half the country leans right, “we could cripple Big Tech in a heartbeat” if we moved to platforms that permit a free exchange of ideas.