Senator Meets With Biden In Fight Over Infrastructure

( President Joe Biden’s wild proposal for a $2 trillion spending bill for “infrastructure” this year and a further $6 trillion next year is still uncertain. Democrats are generally on board with the plan but Republicans are pushing back with proposals for smaller, laser-focused plans the do away with funding for far-left social issues.

And this week, President Joe Biden met with Republican West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito to discuss his proposals, in an effort to bring negotiations with the Republicans to a close.

Capito is the lead negotiator for the Senate Republicans and has advocated the Republican $928 billion proposal recently put to President Joe Biden. The White House refused the plan recently, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wrongly claiming that the Republicans didn’t put forward a way to cover the costs of the plan.

President Joe Biden and Democrats aim to spend more and tax more, while Republicans advocated spending less and allowing the economy to fully reopen and rebuild the American economy naturally.

Senator Moore Capito met with the president to discuss a massive disagreement between Republicans and Democrats on the definition of infrastructure. Democrats have loosened the definition massively in order to get more out of the bill, including putting money aside for the Green New Deal and various social programs that have nothing to do with the roads, trains, or other general infrastructure.

The White House described the meeting as a “constructive and frank conversation” about the proposal.

Let’s hope that Senator Moore Capito was frank enough to tell the president that Republicans won’t get behind his radical left-wing social agenda.

A spokesperson for Senator Moore Capito said that the president and the senator discussed the possibility of reaching a bipartisan agreement, but didn’t offer much in the way of details.

Another meeting is expected on Friday.