Senate Democrat Took Gifts Worth Thousands

( Nevada Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has received pricey gifts from donors totaling more than $61,000 during her time as the state’s attorney general.

According to a recent exposé at the Washington Free Beacon, while serving as Nevada Attorney General from 2007 to 2015, Masto was showered with pricey gifts, including nearly $4,000 in complimentary tickets to sporting events and awards shows, along with a $750 luxury handbag.

But that’s nothing compared to what Masto has received since being elected to the US Senate in 2016. Before joining the Senate, Masto was not a millionaire. But today, she is worth nearly $7.5 million.

Isn’t it ironic how politicians become fabulously wealthy while in “public service?”

Masto’s Republican challenger, Adam Laxalt, has made the Democrat Senator’s penchant for receiving gifts a key focus of the campaign. Masto ran for office claiming she wanted to “serve and give back.” But the only people she appears to serve are the donors who lavish her with expensive gifts.

Laxalt’s campaign spokeswoman Courtney Holland told the Free Beacon that given the thousands of dollars Masto has taken from corporations and special interest groups, “the only person benefitting from Masto’s style of ‘public service’ is herself.”

Polling out of Nevada shows the Senate race is tight. Real Clear Politics polling average puts Laxalt one point ahead of the Democrat incumbent as two of the last three most recent polls have Laxalt holding a slight lead.

Biden’s low approval in the state isn’t helping matters for Masto. Despite winning Nevada by 3 points in 2020, Biden’s approval in the state is underwater by nine points.

Catherine Cortez Masto has voted with Joe Biden 93 percent of the time, which might explain why she has lost crucial endorsements in Nevada, including the Public Safety Alliance which enthusiastically endorsed her in 2016.

The Public Safety Alliance includes the Nevada Fraternal Order of Police, the Las Vegas Peace Officers’ Association, and the Peace Officers’ Association of the Clark County School District.

The alliance endorsed Paul Laxalt in May.