Secret Spy At Twitter Suggests White House Collusion Was More Dangerous Than We Thought

( The stunning revelation that a Chinese intelligence officer infiltrated the Twitter staff raises serious concerns about a foreign government’s ability to influence decision-making for a significant social media app.  It also highlights the dangers of the federal government’s deepening relationship with Big Tech, an alliance that could leave the White House vulnerable to foreign manipulation.


The holy grail of cybersecurity is gaining an insider who can enable a breach. Incidents involving an insider, such as Edward Snowden, result in the most extensive leaks of harmful information. Similarly, Stuxnet, the computer worm that thwarted Iran’s nuclear ambitions, would not have worked without an insider.

According to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko informed lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee that the FBI alerted the social media platform about a Chinese spy operating within the firm.

Reports show that after making explosive charges against the corporation in August, the former Twitter head of security appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
According to Zatko, Twitter has severe security flaws that make it open to foreign spies.

Zatko had been at Twitter since November 2020 but was let go in January.  Zatko also accused management of deceiving the board about vulnerabilities, among other charges of compromising security at the corporation.

Investigative reports show China’s long history of infiltrating American organizations and businesses. Through funds for nuclear weapons research, the Department of Defense financed at least two former Chinese government officials, one of whom was also an unnamed Chinese Communist Party member.

John Podesta, President Joe Biden’s green energy adviser, has worked with Tung Che Hwa, which some believe is a front for the CCP.

TikTok, a popular social media app among young Westerners, has strong links to Chinese propaganda sources, with 300 workers at its parent company having previously worked for official media.

At this point, it would be easier to ask who hasn’t been infiltrated by the Chinese.