Secret Service Leader Resigns, Gets Job With Big Tech Instead

( In a statement that the Secret Service released on Thursday, it was revealed that Secret Service Director James Murray had given notice that he would resign from his position as the head of the agency.

According to a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security, Murray has decided to pursue a career in the top security position at Snapchat, a social media startup in California. Since 2019, Murray has served as the Director of the Secret Service and has been preparing to leave his position at the organization for some time.

According to the statement, Murray has been a member of the Secret Service for 27 years and has contributed significantly to the agency’s continuous professionalization and growth. Additionally, he has “navigated the particular obstacles provided by the historic COVID-19 outbreak.”

Additionally, it was mentioned in the announcement that the official handover of power would take place on July 30th.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a statement praising Murray after he announced his intention to retire. In the report, Mayorkas said that Murray’s tenure as director of the Secret Service “reinforced its stature as the preeminent protective agency in the world and increased in sophistication and scope its investigative capabilities.”

Although some reports indicate that Murray’s decision to retire had been planned for some time, his announcement comes at a time when the Secret Service is coming under scrutiny due to the heated examination conducted on January 6th by the House Select Committee.

The previous month, former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified that former President Donald Trump lashed out at members of the Secret Service on January 6th when his security detail refused to take him to the Capitol. Hutchinson testified that Trump yelled at the members of the Secret Service. According to the testimony provided by Hutchinson, Trump made a grab at the steering wheel of the car in an attempt to divert to join in with the rioters at the Capitol.

The secret service has said that Hutchinson’s testimony was pure fantasy.

It never happened.