Secret Service Is Only Protecting 33 Under Biden, Down From 42 Under Trump

( The Secret Service protects 33 President Joe Biden’s administration and family members, a drop from the Trump administration’s record number.

Forty-two people, including 18 family members, received protection under Donald Trump, forcing officers to shuttle between his properties and accompany his adult children on frequent trips abroad and domestically.

The unrelenting pace has caused hundreds of officers to hit annual salary caps, prompting Congress to temporarily raise maximum pay by more than $25,000 to cover shortfalls.

Officials said operations slowed during the Biden administration due to fewer proteges and COVID-19 travel restrictions. Biden’s 33 are closer to Obama’s 31.

Ex-officials worried about Secret Service cases as the agency struggles with hiring and training.

Deputy Secret Service Director Faron Paramore told USA TODAY that Biden “hasn’t been as robust” as the previous administration. He said he couldn’t give exact numbers, but he didn’t think there was much overseas travel.

The agency did not say how many Bidens, including Hunter and Ashley, are among the 33 recipients. The Secret Service declined to name those it protects, but the president and vice president’s immediate family, including adult children, are generally covered.

Last month, the service was renting a house near Hunter Biden for $30,000 a month as part of a protection operation.

Paramore said the agency’s responsibilities under Trump differ from previous presidents.

Since the Clinton administration, the agency’s White House protection details have primarily been limited to small families with young children or teenagers whose worlds do not stray far from their schools.

Paramore said that you had three adult children (Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka) crisscrossing the world in the last administration. Secret Service agents have also followed Tiffany Trump abroad.

According to Paramore, unlike the Trumps, the other kids weren’t taking independent trips halfway around the world. It wasn’t like that under Obama, Bush ’43, or Clinton.

Paramore said that affected them because, as the old director Randolph Alles said, “We have to decide who to protect and who not to.”