Secret Service Insider Asks D.C. To Take Threats Against SCOTUS Seriously

( With tens of thousands of protestors set to besiege the Supreme Court building in the coming days, retired secret service agent Jeff James told Fox News that it’s a significant risk not to take the threats against SCOTUS seriously.

The temporary fencing recently erected for security does not encircle the building, leaving vulnerable gaps.

James said the gaps provide optics that signal to protestors that the security is not being taken seriously. Even if bike racks encircle the entire building, it tells a much different story – that the protestors are not welcomed beyond a certain point.

In addition, if a person climbs over the barrier, that gives the state the right to arrest them or escort them off the premises.

If there are any open access areas, it will “invite problems.”

The protest groups have announced that they expect 17,000 people to descend on the court building. The retired agent said it is essential to listen to the chatter to gain intelligence to get out in front of what is expected.

Monitoring social media can help estimate the amount of law enforcement required to gain control of the event and keep everyone safe.

The Fox host pointed out that one of the left’s mantras is “If abortion isn’t safe, then neither are you.”

The host asked how law enforcement assesses which threats are “nonsense” and which should be taken seriously.

James said that the secret service takes every threat seriously, and they would “run everyone making a threat to the ground.”

In conclusion, James said it is illegal to protest at a Supreme Court Justice’s house. Swaying and influencing a judge’s opinion, particularly through threats and intimidation, is breaking the law.

Meanwhile, no one at any judge’s home has been “run to the ground.”