Secret Service Agent Relieved Of Duty In Israel After Physical Encounter

( The U.S. Secret Service had to send one of its agents out of Israel and back home to the U.S. this week, after he faced allegations that he was a part of what was termed a “physical encounter.”

According to the agency, Israeli police detained the agent briefly after the encounter occurred in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Secret Service issued a statement, saying they were made aware of the incident late in the day on Monday. The statement said the agent — who was indeed working in the country at the time — was “briefly detained and questioned by Israeli police, who released him without charges.”

CBS News published a story about the incident this week, citing additional people who all had more in-depth details regarding what happened. According to one source, the off-duty agent was at a bar in Jerusalem with other agents Monday night.

While there, a woman interacted with that agent, and then an argument happened. Three sources told CBS News that, during the argument, the agent allegedly shoved that woman who he was arguing with.

The woman called police in Israel to report the incident, but she was not hurt at all. Police then took the agent in question into custody, notifying the U.S. Embassy in the country of the incident. The Embassy then notified headquarters of the Secret Service.

Sources said that the agent was part of the agency’s Counter Assault Team. That’s a tactical unit specializing in heavy weapons that gives help to the Presidential Protective Division. The team is typically deployed to areas of the world before a president makes a high-profile trip.

In its statement, the agency said:

“The employee has returned to the United States. In accordance with agency protocol, his access to Secret Service systems and facilities was suspending pending further investigation.”

The sources who spoke to CBS News said that the agency was investigating whether the agent was indeed intoxicated during the incident. The agent was also set to give a detailed explanation as to what happened that night to the agency sometime this week.

The incident at the bar occurred as President Joe Biden was going to arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel, as part of his trip over to the Middle East, which is set to last four days. It marks the first time Biden has traveled to the Middle East since he entered the White House.

The president is first set to visit Israel, followed by other stops in Saudi Arabia and the West Bank.

Regarding the incident with the Secret Service agent, Anthony Guglielmi, who is a spokesman for the agency, said they weren’t able to make an additional comment, “given our investigation is just beginning.” He added:

“We hold all employees to the highest professional standards, and you are seeing the results of our strong culture of accountability.”

He added that every Secret Service agent must undergo “annual integrity training,” as well as be briefed on “professional standards” before they are able to go on an assignment overseas.