Sean Hannity Responds To Mystery FBI Search

( According to recent allegations, the FBI inspected the Penn Biden Center in mid-November after the president’s personal counsel found classified information there on November 2nd. Fox News commentator Sean Hannity wonders why we weren’t told about this search when it happened.

Hannity told his viewers that sources have confirmed that the FBI searched Joe Biden’s personal office at the U Penn Biden Center in early November.

The Fox host said, sarcastically, that oddly enough, the most transparent administration in history (according to the Biden White House) never mentioned the incident.

He noted that Christopher Wray nor Merrick Garland ever bragged that they approved it.

“Not Joe Biden, not Karine Jean-Pierre, not Ron Klain. Nobody told us,” Hannity said.

He said they also failed to mention that top secret documents were discovered at the U Penn Biden Center on November 2nd. November 8th was the midterm election, nearly a week before the midterms.

“They hid this discovery from you, the American people until it was leaked to the press. But that was a whopping 68 days later. By the way, in the interim, while all this was going on, they did, in fact, appoint a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump,” Hannity noted.

Hannity said the American public still has no idea why the classified documents were uncovered in the first place, and the self-proclaimed most transparent White House in history “won’t tell us a thing.”

“So what are they hiding?” he asked.

Hannity wondered aloud if we have a dual justice system again- one system for the Clintons and Bidens and one for the Trumps and everyone else.