Sean Hannity Praises “Breaking The News” Book

( Last week, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s book Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption was released. Most of the corporate news media have ignored this explosive book, and with good reason as it isn’t particularly favorable to them.

Marlow’s book goes beyond simply covering the blatant liberal bias in the American corporate media. He also includes a great deal of original investigative reporting and exposes breaking stories about the media’s widespread corruption and collusion with the Democrat Party, wealthy liberal donors and even Communist China.

On his radio show last Friday, Sean Hannity interviewed Marlow and called “Breaking the News” a “must-read” book.

Hannity and Marlow discussed the clear conflicts of interests within our supposed “free and independent” press that make it clear that the American corporate news media is no longer free nor independent.

Hannity urged his listeners to buy this eye-opening book.

Last week, Marlow also appeared on Mark Levin’s radio show where he identified whom he calls “the new Soros of the Democrat Party.” According to Marlow’s book, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs has become a major funder of left-wing media organizations.

Jobs owns the left-leaning publication The Atlantic and owns most of Axios. In addition to that she funds the leftwing activist press that, in Marlow’s words, “launder” Democrat propaganda through local news outlets.

In addition to that, Jobs has very close personal ties to Vice President Kamala Harris.

And because Jobs employs so many journalists, she can effectively influence “news” to advance her radical political agenda.

During an interview with Marlow on his podcast, Mike Huckabee jokingly told him to “sleep with one eye open” given the explosive revelations in the book.

Listen to Huckabee’s interview with Marlow:

Earlier in the week, Tucker Carlson had Marlow on his Fox News program where they discussed the shocking relationship between American news outlets and the Communist Chinese Government.

It isn’t surprising that “Breaking the News” isn’t getting much attention from the corporate press. But the corporate news media turning a blind eye to the book has not put a dent in its sales. Currently, “Breaking the News” is #11 on Amazon’s best-seller list.