Sean Hannity Offers To Debate John Fetterman

( During his radio show on Monday, Sean Hannity challenged Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman to come on his program and debate him.

Why would Fetterman debate Hannity when he won’t even debate the guy who’s running against him?

Hannity blasted Fetterman for using a picture of him and Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in a fundraising appeal asking people to send money to “fight back against future Fox News attacks.”

Hannity then attacked Fetterman’s fake working-class shtick, pointing out how he lived off of his parents until his late forties, calling him a “spoiled, lazy trust fund brat with a tattoo and hoodies.”

Hannity compared how much time Dr. Oz has spent on the campaign trail to how little time Fetterman is campaigning, then challenged Fetterman to leave his basement and appear on both his radio show and his show on Fox.

After highlighting some of Fetterman’s radical ideas, Hannity challenged “Mr. Tough Guy” to come on his program to debate his positions.

Listen HERE.