Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear With Bold NBC Question

( During his show last Wednesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted MSNBC host Joy Reid for claiming that Florida Republican Byron Donalds was only nominated for speaker because he is black.

During her show “The ReidOut” last Tuesday, Reid had a contentious interview with Congressman Donalds in which she asked if his name was added to the speaker vote so Republicans could “make a diversity statement by nominating you?”

Hannity hammered Reid, saying she “has a history of these types of smear tactics” and asked if NBC stands by her comments.

After playing a montage of some of Reid’s incendiary statements over the years, Hannity noted that for the left, the “politics of personal destruction” is nothing new.

Hannity then invited Congressman Donalds and his wife Erika on the program to respond to Joy Reid’s race-baiting.

Erika Donalds described her husband as a “natural-born leader” and the future of the Republican Party. She said the people who have worked with her husband know that, as do she and their sons.

Erika said it is people on the Left who are “trying to tokenize him” by claiming that he is only successful because of his race or because his wife is white. She said Donalds “achieved his success by hard work, merit, and intelligence,” adding that she is “proud of him.”

Congressman Donalds added that he doesn’t pay much attention to what Joy Reid has to say but chose to appear on her show to bring a viewpoint her audience doesn’t typically get to hear.

He told Hannity that he doesn’t have a problem doing contentious interviews because he believes it is important that every American should hear what conservatives believe in. He said he isn’t afraid of “tough talk or the battles,” adding that for conservatism to succeed, “that’s what’s necessary.”

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