Sean Hannity Calls For FBI To Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop

( Last Wednesday, after the UK Daily Mail released shocking video purportedly showing a naked Hunter Biden complaining to a prostitute about getting his laptop stolen, Fox News host Sean Hannity demanded to know why the FBI is not investigating Hunter Biden.

Hannity said that this recent video, along with the rest of the data from the laptop Hunter left at the Delaware computer repair shop suggested that “Joe Biden himself may be compromised by the Russians.”

Hannity also said that he had three separate sources tell him that the contents of Hunter’s laptop contained damaging information – “blackmail, sex tapes, and much more.” However, Hannity explained, his lawyers forbade him from obtaining the laptop himself.

After chronicling everything that has been exposed thanks to Hunter’s laptop, Hannity wanted to know why there haven’t been any arrests. So he invited on Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett to get some answers.

Jarrett told Hannity that what has been revealed thus far looks “very much like influence-peddling and corruption.”

Jarrett also pointed out that the US Attorney in Delaware conducted a two-year investigation, however, thus far there haven’t been any subpoenas or search warrants, let alone indictments or prosecutions. So either there is a “sincere, vigorous investigation,” or the Biden family is being protected.

As Vice President, Biden had a long history of corruption that followed in the wake of wherever President Obama sent him. Ukraine, China, Russia. Obama assigned Biden to handle talks in a country and then money flowed into Hunter’s bank account.

Surely Hannity isn’t so naïve as to believe that the FBI or DOJ will actually conduct a thorough investigation into Hunter Biden, let alone the president. It isn’t going to happen.

The FBI has had the laptop Hunter left in the computer repair shop for a couple of years. Nothing was done.

The entire federal bureaucracy as well as the American corporate media shielded candidate Biden when the New York Post first broke the story of Hunter’s laptop. They falsely claimed that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” in order to downplay the Post’s story.

Expecting anyone from the FBI to slap handcuffs on Hunter Biden, let alone Joe, is a pipe dream.