SCOTUS May “End” Gay Rights, According To “The View”

After the Supreme Court’s decision to end the use of affirmative action in admissions to colleges, Joy Behar reportedly informed her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” that the court will next try to end homosexual rights.

According to a report, Behar claimed this fits in with conservative claims that we already live in a post-racial society. She believes they assume racism has ended simply because a black president was elected twice. She said it was not true and then claimed there would be an end to gay marriage.

Behar concluded that they want to eliminate abortion rights, so next, it’ll be gay rights.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin had to explain to Behar that Congress already codified gay marriage.

Behar still insisted that they were trying to do something.

According to reports, Joy Behar is known for often saying untrue and insulting things.

Behar said in February that the people in East Palestine, Ohio, were to blame for their current predicament by voting for Donald Trump.

The women on The View managed to get in an attack on former President Trump for the train derailment, an attempt to downplay  President Biden’s incompetence in the aftermath of the incident, and an implied suggestion that the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, are simpletons who got what they had voted for.

Joy Behar ranted about AR-15s (Armalite Rifle) and sinister Republican gun owners in June last year.

Lindsey Granger, a then-co-host on the show, shared a tale of a man in Connecticut who made his own AR-15 in response to the state’s ban on purchasing such weapons.

Granger explained that he keeps an AR-15 in the home to safeguard his loved ones from harm, as he vows never to suffer a repeat of a horrible incident the family experienced. Granger said the typical AR-15 owner is 35 years or older and married. They’re not all crazy.

To which Behar said something unbelievably bigoted: ‘The gun regulations will change once black people obtain firearms in this country.’ 

In 2016, Behar’s comments regarding former President Bill Clinton’s scandals infuriated women all around the country because Behar referred to the women who were accusing Clinton of sexual assault as “Those Tramps.”