Schumer Says Democrats Will Fill Supreme Court Vacancy Immediately As His Party Begins To Panic

( Far-left Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed in a letter dated July 9 that Democrats are planning to “expeditiously” fill any Supreme Court vacancies that might appear, sparking rumors that the Democrats may be ramping up pressure on left-wing Supreme Court justices to resign.

In the letter, Schumer said that Senate Democrats “stand ready” to quickly fill any “potential vacancies” should they arise.

Schumer, a Democratic New York Senator, also assured his colleagues that the Senate would confirm all of President Joe Biden’s nominees for any lower courts, claiming it is “critical work.”

It sure is critical for the Democrats to appoint far-left judges who want to radically transform the United States…

The primary target for the Democrats has long been Justice Stephen Breyer, who is the oldest Democrat-nominated judge on the Supreme Court. Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of a large number of Democrat members of Congress to call on him to resign and allow a younger justice to take his place.

And if they want him to resign, they’ll have to work quickly. If they don’t get this done in the first half of President Joe Biden’s first term, they risk losing control of the House of Representatives…and if the Republicans take back control of the House, then there’s no chance that Biden will be able to appoint an extremist judge to the court.

Republicans simply won’t vote for it.

Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee joined AOC last month in a social media post explicitly calling on Breyer to “put the Court’s long-term membership ahead of [his] long and distinguished career.”

Rep. Jared Huffman of California also said that “for goodness’ sake HE SHOULD RETIRE NOW.”


At 82 years old, Justice Breyer is unlikely to spend many more years on the Court…and Schumer’s announcement seems to suggest that his party may be ramping up pressure to force him to resign.