School Board Unanimously Approves Plan To Pay Non-White Teachers More

( A Minnesota school board just voted to adjust the pay of teachers based on their race, and it’s completely supported by the local Democrats.

The Mankato School Board vote unanimously to increase the pay of non-white teachers in local schools by giving them “additional stipends.” People will only qualify for these additional stipends if they are not considered white European, or if they are Black or Native American. The idea behind the move is that non-white people deserve to earn more and that white Americans don’t need or deserve it.

For the rest of the country, it should come as a shock – but for locals who are familiar with the board’s chair, Jodi Shapp, it probably isn’t so surprising. Sapp once required that all parents give their name and address at school board meetings before making a comment on all school matters – a move that would “dox” or identify every individual before making comments that left-wing extremists don’t like.

The idea, she thought, was to prevent people from abusing members of staff – but what really happened is that parents would be scared into submission, refusing to oppose extreme left-wing ideas during school board meetings over fears that Antifa and left-wing extremists would turn up at their door.

This is extreme, and it’s scary.

Sapp is responsible for the latest move, which amended district policy so that only non-white teachers are eligible for additional stipends, where they are paid to become mentors to other non-white members of staff.

Extreme. Discriminatory. And ignored by Democrats.