School Board Pres. Gets Death Threats Over LGBTQ Decision

Community members have allegedly threatened the life of the president of the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Board of Education. 

The policy, which was adopted with a 4-1 vote last week, mandates that the principal/designee, certified staff, and school counselors inform parents within three days of learning that a student does not identify with their biological sex, uses different pronouns or a different name, and/or uses dressing rooms, locker rooms or restrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex. CVUSD President Sonja Shaw said on “Washington Watch With Tony Perkins” that she received a death threat via phone the day after the decision was made. 

She said that the next morning, their district received a phone call on the program, threatening her with death and dismemberment. In the days that followed, she received many death threats via her district email.

This comes only days after California State Superintendent Tony Thurmond attended a school board meeting to protest Shaw’s decision and was subsequently fired by Shaw. 

A student’s privacy and safety “may fall outside the laws that respect privacy and safety for our students,” he said, adding that the policy may put kids at danger if their families didn’t want it. Shaw, a mother of two kids at a Chino Valley school, was elected to the board in November. She and the other board members had plans to make adjustments when she took office, so it made reasonable to reinstate previous precautions. She claimed Sacramento “wages war” on parental rights and that Thurmond has had the district “on his radar” for some time.

Previously, California Governor Gavin Newsom had criticized the district over the move, saying that the three political activists on the school board had shown they were more interested in violating the law than performing their responsibilities of teaching pupils. Located east of Los Angeles, the Temecula Valley Unified School District has been at odds with Newsom’s administration ever since conservative board members there declined to embrace state-approved textbooks for its pupils.

Shaw emailed a statement from the Coalition for Parental Rights to Fox News Digital, which stated in part, “We are extremely pleased and proud of Sonja Shaw and her board for passing a policy that acknowledges the important role parents play in the mental and emotional health of their children.”