School Board Meeting Erupts With Two Teachers Arrested

Police in Clark County, Nevada, arrested two educators and took them out of a school board session in handcuffs.

Reports show tough discussions are taking place between the Clark County School District and the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) about a new teacher contract. CCEA claims over 5,000 educator attendees were at the demonstration before the board of trustees meeting.

The meeting was cut short when scores of teachers started yelling and demanding more compensation and the resignation of the superintendent.

Two educators were cuffed by police from the Clark County School District. The second guy was taken out of the board meeting by the police without any cuffs being used.

School board president Evelyn Garcia-Morales eventually brought the meeting back under control. Morales said it was obvious that CCEA was interfering with operations. It’s very evident that CCEA wants to stop the conference.

Due to similar disturbances, the prior school board meeting in August ended without an agenda of the subjects being considered.

Reports show that contract discussions began shortly after CCEA started airing television advertising in March criticizing the leadership of Superintendent Jesus Jara and calling for his dismissal.

During the last legislative session, Nevada legislators made a historic investment in the state’s public schools. CCEA wants to enhance teacher pay by 10% and another 8% the following year. CCSD has responded with a counterproposal that includes 8.5% and 2% in the second.

A few educators left the board meeting after the arrests, but the discussion continued.

As contract talks between the Clark County School District and the teachers’ union continue, a judge in the district court rejected the district court’s request for a temporary restraining order against the union on Tuesday.

The court said there wasn’t enough proof that the Clark County Education Association was planning to go on strike, so CCSD’s request to stop the strike was refused.

The judge further ordered that if proof of a concerted work stoppage exists, both parties must return to the courtroom within a day’s notice.