School Bans Pro-Police Flag

( As a result of complaints that the Thin Blue Line flag was polarizing, a high school football team in California was forbidden from bringing the flag onto the field on Monday.

Lexi Hawk, a mother of a student at Saugus High School, visited “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the issue and how the neighborhood has reacted to the school’s choice.

Regarding her son’s opinion of the situation, Hawk said to co-host Todd Piro that he thinks it’s silly personally, but he is appreciative of the school’s choice at this time. He enjoys playing football. He would never have imagined that anyone could have been upset, and he doesn’t want anyone to be offended.

She also stated that her son believed he was doing the right thing, being courteous, and recognizing the police community. It was never a problem on the football team until someone made it an issue on social media. Someone went overboard.

Reports show the decision was made only three years after police officers saved kids from a shooting in which two pupils were killed and three more were wounded.
Hawk explained that there had been no conversation with the parents of the players on the football team.
According to media reports, Mike Kuhlman, superintendent of the William S. Hart Union High School District, sent a letter after the choice was made to clarify that the emblem meant to commemorate law officers might be perceived as uncomfortable and undesirable by others. Jason Bornn, the head coach of the Centurions, ceased flying the police support flag after speaking with the school administrator.
However, despite the flag’s absence from the field, Friday night’s crowd supported the police.
In a statement, Lexi Hawk noted that there was a resounding majority of fans wearing blue line T-shirts and flags or showing support for our police officers during the game on Friday. Her parents are retired LAPD, so her family highly supports local police.
Some people wake up in the morning searching for ways to be offended. It’s way past time to ignore the drama queens.