Scammer Pretended To Be The CIA, And Scammed Women Out Of Their Money

( For the sake of “national security,” a wealthy California man who claimed to be a CIA agent maxed out at least two women’s credit cards and depleted their bank accounts, according to the FBI. He also spent more than $125,000 of their money on Ubers, alcohol, and upscale dining.

According to an unsealed criminal complaint on Wednesday, Kiernan Michael Major, 26, used a CIA email account and informed the ladies he lived under various names “due to his top secret job with the agency.”

According to the complaint, Major insisted he couldn’t use his money to avoid leaving a paper trail that adversarial intelligence services might use. He also allegedly started contacting both women up to 1,000 times per day with threats to kill them, their loved ones, and himself when the alleged con was discovered.

According to investigators, Major wrote to one of the women last year saying they would have to lock him away for life to stop him from going after her, her family, and her friends. He has been working on this for over a year and is “insanely creative.”

“Don’t ruin your life. I beg you because when you apologize, I’ll end up feeling bad. This will destroy your family without question. My last warning. I just feel it’s moral to warn you. Sorry to harass,” he wrote.

The lawsuit claims that earlier this month, Major uploaded a photo of himself on Instagram that “depicted a hand clutching a pistol.” He allegedly wrote to one of the women on July 10 and threatened to kill her if she didn’t “smarten up.”

According to the lawsuit, “Victims #1 and #2 are both scared of Major and feel their safety is in jeopardy.”

At the same time, the feds assert that Major included his mother in his purported scam by having her sign a bogus check, which bounced and led to her detention.
Major, who has posted pictures of himself on social media in dress uniform and who claims to be an ex-Marine, was detained on Monday in Iowa.

One of his alleged victims called the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center at the end of June. She had been in touch with another lady earlier in the month who claimed Major had cheated her out of roughly $20,000. Victim #1 says she was sent an SF-86 package, the first stage in acquiring a federal security clearance, by Major, who transmitted it to her through encrypted email. The FBI claims that Victim #1 spent her money on Major’s meals, lodging, Ubers, wine, and marijuana while supporting his opulent lifestyle. She discovered from Major’s roommates that they thought he had cheated on them and had taken money from them for his business.

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