Russian Money Was Secretly Funding Election Efforts Since 2014

( A senior source in the administration of President Joe Biden claims that since 2014, Russia has allegedly sent more than $300 million to political parties in other countries to “undermine democracy” worldwide.

An official was reportedly quoted as saying that In its review, the U.S. intelligence committee found that Russia had covertly transferred over 300 million dollars, and planned to covertly transfer at least hundreds of millions more to foreign political parties, officials, and politicians in more than two dozen countries and across four continents during this period.

Additionally, the person stated that Russia may have transferred extra monies discreetly in instances that have gone undetected.

According to the official, Russia’s goal is to “benefit select political parties and weaken democracy in all these nations.” Russia’s motive is to “attempt to advantage specific political parties.” In our opinion, exposing the Russian government’s covert influence is one of the most effective strategies to combat that influence.

According to the person, the assessment’s conclusions, which were ordered by administration officials earlier this summer, were reduced, most likely from classified to the top secret designation, so that allies and the general public could obtain the material.

The findings and the steps that need to be taken to combat the danger were presented to the countries that were invited to the Summit for Democracy in December.

The United States is currently conducting confidential briefings with the affected nations.
The information will be released to the public in the hopes that it will increase awareness around the world about the threat of Russian covert political financing; it will also hopefully cause other countries to share their information about Russia’s operation with the United States; and it will clearly show that Russia’s covert political influence is a “global phenomenon that demands coordinated action,” according to the official.

On Monday, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent the conclusions of the review to embassies located all over the world. In the cable, Blinken explained that Russia has interfered in the affairs of more than two dozen nations.