Russian Convoy Runs Into Boobytrap

( Ukrainian special forces claimed last Thursday that they blew up a bridge in Ukraine as Russian military vehicles were crossing over it.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces were traveling to Izyum in eastern Ukraine where Russia has been preparing for attacks in the Donbas region. A photo shared by Ukraine special forces purportedly shows explosives that were placed under the bridge before a Russian column arrived. The Ukraine military also posted photos purportedly showing the bridge after the explosion.

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces claimed in a post on Facebook that a group of special ops blew the bridge up “with enemy technology heading to Izyum.” The Ukrainians claimed the special operators waited until the “enemy” was on the bridge to detonate the explosives.

According to the Ukrainian military, the “entire enemy column” was destroyed in the explosion.

However, the claims have not been independently verified. Meanwhile, Russian officials have not commented on the alleged bombing.

Just hours earlier, the Ukrainian military also claimed that two Neptune missiles struck the 610-foot Russian missile cruiser Moskva, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, forcing the crew to abandon ship.

The Moskva gained infamy when Ukrainian troops under attack told the ship to “go f**k yourself” in the early hours of the Russian invasion.

The Ukraine military claimed that the missile strikes sunk the Moskva. However, Russia claimed the explosion aboard the Moskva was caused when ammunition aboard the ship detonated and started a fire.

Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said sailors aboard the Moskva were able to successfully contain the fire and steps were being taken to tow the ship back to port.