Russian Convoy Dispersed, Photo Evidence Suggests

( Russian troops are having an extremely difficult time taking control of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. What they presumably believed was an easy task, thanks to Russia’s larger army, has proven to be much more difficult and complex than originally thought.

Satellite images show how the Russian military column that has been slowly advancing on Ukraine is now repositioning, becoming much more dispersed. Heavily artillery is also moving into firing positions, suggesting that the Russians’ plan is now to get out of the way, fight less in the city streets, and bombard Ukraine until the Ukrainian troops die or give up.

Photographs were released by Maxar Technologies last week, showing a 40-mile-long convoy of Russian vehicles, armed vehicles, tanks, and heavy artillery began dispersing into the towns surrounding the capital city of Ukraine. It means that people living in more urban areas who may have previously held off on evacuating are now in danger themselves. Maxar reports that roughly 15 miles outside of the city, Russian howitzer artillery is being moved into firing position.

Take a look at the satellite images here.

As Putin struggles to take control of the city, he is resorting to a plethora of new strategies. Russia has reportedly called for backup from the Chinese military, though has not yet received an official response.

Putin has also accepted the support of 16,000 Middle-Eastern volunteer soldiers.

Does that sound like an army that’s succeeding? Or an army that is becoming increasingly desperate?