Russia Recalls Ambassador After Joe Biden Threatens Vladimir Putin and Calls Him a ‘Killer with No Soul’

( Russia appears to be angry at President Joe Biden who slammed the nation’s president, Vladimir Putin, as a “killer with no soul.”

On Wednesday, President Putin recalled the Russian Ambassador to the United States after Biden’s unprovoked attack on the nation’s government, following years of false claims that the Russians conspired with former President Donald Trump to win the 2016 campaign.

All this from a man who can find time to excuse China’s human rights abuses and literal concentration camps. Yeah, that really happened.


Despite being soft on other major world powers committing atrocities every day, President Biden recently threatened Vladimir Putin during an interview with left-wing propagandist George Stephanopoulos, saying he will “pay a price.”

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry released a statement revealing how the Russian Ambassador to the United States had been “summoned to Moscow for consultations in order to analyse what needs to be done in the context of relations with the United States.”

“The new US administration took office about two months ago and the symbolic 100-day mark is not too far away, which is a good occasion for trying to appraise what Joe Biden’s team has managed to do and where it was not very successful,” the statement said.

The meetings now expected to take place in Russia will focus on identifying ways of “rectifying Russia-US relations,” explaining how Washington has brought the U.S.-Russia relationship “to a blind alley.”

“We are interested in preventing an irreversible deterioration in relations, if the Americans become aware of the risks associated with this,” the statement added.

President Joe Biden has barely been in office for two months and he’s already threatening Russia, forgiving China, and poking the bear in North Korea.

This can’t possibly end well…