Russia Finally Ready To Negotiate After US Security Response

( On Thursday, Russia indicated that continued dialogue with the United States is still preferable – even though the United States had already indicated that it was unwilling to address the “security concerns” laid out by Moscow.

Dmitry Peskov, the official spokesman for the Kremlin, said that the Russian government isn’t jumping to conclusions over the White House’s response to Russian proposals to redrawing security arrangements in Europe that have been in place since the end of the Cold War.

It comes as the United States expects an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, with more than 100,000 soldiers currently stationed on the border. The Pentagon has also ordered 8,500 American troops to remain on standby, with the possibility of those troops being deployed to Eastern Europe to defend Ukraine.

Peskov revealed that will take time for Russia to review the latest response from Washington, and confirmed that statements from the United States and NATO allies recently were “unacceptable.”

“Based on what our colleagues said yesterday, it’s absolutely clear that on the main categories outlined in those draft documents… we cannot say that our thoughts have been taken into account or that a willingness has been shown to take our concerns into account,” he said.

Nonetheless, Russia won’t “rush with [their] assessments.”

It’s a good sign that there could be more room to negotiate with Russia, but doesn’t mean that the invasion of Ukraine is ruled out. At this point, some kind of “incursion” into Ukrainian territory – as Joe Biden would put it – seems almost inevitable.

Here’s to hoping that President Joe Biden’s threat of removing Russia from the SWIFT banking system, which would block the transaction of many major currencies in Russia – including the U.S. dollar – serves as deterrent enough for Russia to hold off.

Because if it doesn’t…then it looks like Joe Biden is dead set on going to war with Russia. In winter.