Rudy Giuliani’s Law License In Doubt As D.C. Tries To Ruin Him

( In a supposed attack on the Constitution, which he took an oath to defend, Rudy Giuliani purportedly “weaponized his legal license,” according to the D.C. disciplinary counsel charged at the outset of the former New York City mayor’s attorney misconduct hearing on Monday.

In his opening remarks at Giuliani’s disciplinary hearing, discipline counsel Hamilton Fox stated that “none would disagree that the freedom to vote is fundamental.” There isn’t much information in the Constitution about it, but three amendments have been made:

-The 19th Amendment guaranteed women’s suffrage.

-The 26th Amendment stated that the right to vote should not be restricted based on age for anyone over 18.

-The 15th Amendment extended the vote to Black men freed from slavery.

Noting that people marched, protested, and died for the ballot, Fox said: “Mr. Giuliani was in charge of launching a baseless lawsuit requesting a Pennsylvania court to deny the right to vote to millions of people.”

Giuliani is accused of behavior detrimental to the administration of justice by the D.C. Bar for leading a global campaign to reverse the election of former President Donald Trump. According to Fox, Giuliani’s “frivolous” lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania was the main topic of Monday’s session, which was the only one the former mayor “personally litigated.”

Like scores of Trump supporters and allies, Giuliani asked for bold, possibly historic, court action. According to Fox, Giuliani requested that a federal judge, at the very least, reject 680,000 mail-in ballots and, at the most, declare all 7 million of them illegitimate, leaving the outcome up to the state legislature.

According to Fox, “a constitutional democracy like ours does not function unless the loser respects the will of the voters,” No other court in American history had ever given such a remedy any thought.

Giuliani’s right to practice law there was revoked by the Court of Appeals, and D.C.

About a year later, the Board of Professional Responsibility began its disciplinary proceedings.

Giuliani attempted to intensify his election denial as the case went on by trying to bring several pro-Trump witnesses. They included Peter Navarro, a former Trump advisor; Doug Mastriano, a failed candidate for governor of Pennsylvania; Christina Bobb, a former host of One America News; and Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for Donald Trump.

A few of these witnesses raised concerns with bar regulators.

The board’s calendar indicates that the hearings should last about two weeks.