Rudy Giuliani Says Feds Caused Most Damage On January 6th

( In a recent interview, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that the only violence during the January 6 riot at the Capitol was committed by Antifa and people working for the government.

Appearing on the Joe Pags Show, Giuliani brought up Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan who was present in the Capitol on January 6. It was Sullivan who sold the video footage of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting to news outlets and was interviewed on CNN that night.

Giuliani said the night after the riot, he was walking to his hotel with two people “who are basically my Antifa experts,” when John Sullivan walked past them. These “Antifa experts” told Giuliani who he was.

Giuliani then claimed that Sullivan was arrested on January 6 but was quickly released when the FBI realized he was a “rat” who was working for them.

Sullivan wasn’t arrested on the night of January 6.

He was arrested on January 14 and indicted by the DOJ for one count of entering and remaining in the Capitol “without lawful authority,” as well as one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on the Capital grounds, and interfering with law enforcement.

Sullivan claimed he was there as an independent reporter and entered the Capitol to document the riot. Some Trump supporters, including Giuliani, have maintained that Sullivan was working on behalf of the FBI, though no evidence has ever corroborated that claim.

Giuliani’s allegations aside, there have been legitimate questions about whether the FBI or other federal law enforcement agencies were using informants to incite the crowd to riot. While the media and Democrat politicians have dismissed such talk as “conspiracy theory,” the questions remain.

Over 770 people have been charged in connection to the 3-hour riot, many of them for misdemeanors like “parading.”

On Friday, one defendant, Matthew Perna, who committed no violence on January 6, took his own life. According to his family, “the justice system killed his spirit.”

Perna was 37 years old.